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echo Review date :
Tuesday, 12th March 1985

Evening Echo Review

This was a "big moment" for Pete and Steve.

The local paper got wind of the intrepid duo and decided to run a story on the local lads.

Andy Warhol said that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes. I guess this was it for them!

cvgreviewReview date :
July 1985

Computer & Video Game Magazine

Despite the fact that most of the games managed to disappear before they actually got through to the consumers, there were a couple of magazines which had time to review The Pay-Off.

This was quite a good review from C & VG ( a very popular magazine at the time for all 8 bit computer gamers).

Pictures from the PCW show that we attended (on the Atari Stand)

pcw1 pcw2 pcw3 pcw4 pcw5