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The cartoon character chosen to represent Bignose Software was drawn by a very nice man called Terry Poskitt who worked with Pete and Steve at Ford's UK offices called Trafford House in Basildon, Essex.

The character was already deemed to be called Bignose, but he needed a first name.

Once again Steve's strange foibles came to the fore.

For some inexplicable reason, Steve was a fan of a TV program called Please Sir which featured a dimwitted character called Dennis Dunstable (played brilliantly by Peter Denyer).

Apart from imitating animal sounds, the only notable thing that Dennis said (frequently) was "Neat Eric" when addressing his school friend, Eric Duffy, the local hard nut.

This became another irritating phrase that Steve adopted and therefore it was pre-destined for the Bignose character.

Eric Bignose, come on down!