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Where did they get the name?

What's it got to do with you, bignose?

That's a big clue as to where the name came from.

When Pete and Steve were knocking around ideas for a company name, they tried the usual rubbish (often seen on builder's vans!):

S & P Software

P & S Software

Manikin Software (SleeMAN and CalKIN)

At the time of writing "The Pay-Off" Steve had the (annoying) habit of referring to everybody as "Bignose". Any question was answered with the phrase "What's it got to do with you, bignose?". Responsibility for this madness lay at the door of the Monty Python team who had served up "Life of Brian" which became Steve's favourite film (and still is, he says).

In discussion with their colleagues at Ford's, a friend called Terry (an artist, not unlike Terry Gilliam) said "You must call your company Bignose. It's YOU." Sounded a bit daft, but the more they thought about it the more they liked it. Pete then decided that a company with a slogan "Not to be sneezed at" was too good to miss, so Bignose was born.

And by the way, Pete will always tell you, if you care to ask, that all the staff were "hand picked"!


Other "Famous" Noses:

Barry Manilow Charles De Gaulle Barbra Streisand
Pinocchio Gerard Depardieu Karl Malden
Roxanne Cyrano de Bergerac  

I don't mean to be rude - but Bignose seems to be a French thing!

Perhaps I should include the famous French "Eric" - Cantona. But then again ..... Nah!