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Like most people, I have a few favourite websites. These I would like to share with you.

Calkin Family The world famous website dedicated to the world famous family (well, we know who we are!)
419 Sick of SPAM emails and especially the morons who want to get you to give them money? Take a look at the 419 site. Brilliantly funny letters.
John Paul George and Ringo With half of the Beatles now gone, here is probably the best site around to wallow in the history of the greatest Pop group ever (and it's my brother Graham's - so of course I'm not biased!)
Kiss This Guy Have you wondered "what the hell is he singing about?". Well this site may give you the answer. Otherwise known as Twisted Lyrics this is a real fun site for music lovers.
Snopes We've all heard the stories - especially now the web is so vast - but are they true or just an Urban Legend. Check here to find out.
The Hunger Site Do your bit for the world. A genuine, caring website. Check the urban legends site and you'll find this one is real!
Darwin Awards If you have never heard of this then it is a "must visit". See for yourself the ridiculous way people manage to end their own life.
Homer The Simpsons - the most consistently funny program on the telly. This is an excellent site packed with information about this superb show.
Monty Python Monty Python - They're not dead yet! This give me the chance to tell you my real name ... it's Tarquin
Mickrisoft No, it's not a spelling mistake, it's my mate Mick having a laugh at Gates' expense
Mr. Camera An interesting site - especially if you like custard! (That statement used to be true as Pete had a page dedicated to the wonderful warm yellow stuff. Now he's removed it. Nasty man!)
Bignose Software Memory lane beckons with this site dedicated to one of the best Software Houses for the old Atari computers (well, actually it was me and Pete Sleeman but we thought we were good)
Visual Paradox - Free 3D Wallpaper Visual Paradox - an excellent site for 3D images
Visual Paradox - Free 3D Wallpaper The best site around for photographic wallpaper
Stumble Upon Toolbar Stumble Upon some great websites. I love this. Stick a tool bar on your browser and just click to stumble across a website that has something you are interested in. I've found so many great places using this tool. Highly recommended.
Johnny Johnny Castaway, the most brilliant screensaver ever produced. So much fun.