A mixture of weird and wonderful pictures
  • A wrinkly dog, and a cuddly toy ha ha Christmas 1998
  • Rachel Kristine and Kim at Rich's party December 1998
  • New year 1999
  • Me and my Mum - New Year's eve 1999
  • Race for life June 2010: Kristine, Rachel, Stella and Eileen
  • Ma fisher looking cool
  • Stella with Granddaughter Leanne
  • Kristine, Rachel, Eileen, Stella and Gemma. All doing their bit for charity. Well done girls.
  • Kristine, Rachel, Eileen, Stella and Gemma showing off their medals.
  • Rachel and Vic at the Renal clinic to see who could match as a donor for Roy
  • A heron captured on the iPhone winter 2010
  • View of the pond. Decided to get rid of it as too much trouble trying to keep the fish, and someone had vandalised the electrics.
  • This koi was called Humphrey. After he died we lost interest in the pond.
  • Bye bye pond
  • Pond all gone now. If only we could get rid of that monstrosity next door!
  • The neighbour's monstrosity is nearly complete - after 3 years. When they stand on the decking here they tower above our garden. Weirdos