Mum's 80th Birthday

A three part celebration. Weekend at Durdle Door; Family meal out; BBQ.
Pimple Hill Never too old to do the Boat Song Prize winner! Smiling Archie Amelie with BFF Leanne and Joe Durdle Door just visible in the background
Man of War bay - the other side from Durdle Door Durdle Door with some lovely people in the way. Amy and James Close up of James and Amy Swimming in Man of War bay Amelie "borrows" someone else's boat - with help from Leanne
Rachel looking lovely as always. Our caravan site in the background. Steve and Rachel walking towards Lulworth Cove Lovely view of Lulworth Cove from the Cliffs leading from Durdle Door Gemma Rachel and Steve at Lulworth Cove Amelie looking innocent - before she helped her Dad put bread on our caravan!! What a racket the crows made.
Pimple Hill cake, made by Gemma Barnard. Cutting the cake - and slicing straight through Billy Dog's head :-) Blowing out the candles, without catching fire yourself. 2013-07-06 21.31.57 Amelie and Nanny Great Shooting the Breeze, Rob Gemma and Barry
Archie always smiling Let's go that way! Leader of the pack, off to see the Door. Mum in her favourite place in the world. Steve Rachel and Mum Daryl and Auntie Stella
Graham, Steve and Mum Amelie with Nanny Great Becki and Nanny Amy and Nanny Tom and Nanny Nanny with Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren (some of them)
Mum, Sheelagh and Jack Walking attire modelled by Barry Group photo at Mum's favourite place. Birthday celebrations Part 2. Getting ready for the meal at the Olde Dog, Herongate. Birthday cake Number 2. Mum and Sister Joyce sitting at the piano. It did go a bit lopsided waiting for us to return from Durdle Door. The Loan Arranger.
Still BFF Leanne and Amelie. Mum posing with Ian in the background. Little Lynn trying to get out of the picture, and failing, But we wanted her in it! Say cheese. Marc hiding behind a balloon. Nathan and Alison looking like they've been up to something naughty. 2 thumbs up from Joe. He must have like the food.
Never too old to be silly. Stephen concentrating hard and looking silly. Sarah and Stephen Rob (aka The Flash) moves too fast for the camera as he tries to get in the picture with Ian. Graham and Viv Sheelagh looking lovely
Sheelagh and Graham, both looking lovely. Peek-a-boo Mum finds something hilarious as Ian sets fire to the cake. it's not that funny Mum. Hooray - Happy Birthday. And it really is today. Part 3 of the birthday celebrations. A BBQ for Mum the vegetarian!
Drinks for a hot baby Eva Daddy Mykal teaching Archie how to dive - without any water. Archie looking cool Archie and Eva plotting something Boo! Are you sure the water is warm?
Dipping a toe to make sure Amelie plays Queen of the castle, waiting for the dirty rascal. Archie testing the water Yep, seems ok to me Pool fun with Auntie Amy Ma & Pa take on Vikki and Jonathan in giant snakes and ladders. Not sure who cheated the most!
The old girl holds court. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase can I have both lollies Nanny? THANKS! Do I have to eat them both at once? The third cake! Super model Mum still manages to keep the grin going.
Cool kidsArchie and Eva just chilling in the garden Life is so simple at this age. Love you Archie Girls! Not ready for them yet.