Family Videos

Fun family moments captured on camera
Eva playing Peek-a-boo Eva likes a bit of head butting - must be the Scottish side of her Amelie in her own world Dancing Queen Bathtime beauties Ball-a-cise with Eva
Who knows what Amelie is up to this time? I'm a believer Eva Blowing raspberries Archie Having a chat with Nanny Puddle ... bump ... splash! Archie starting to talk the same language as Mummy
If you're happy and you know it... Archie so excited to see Daddy Archie having a laugh at something Mmmmmm chocolate Daredevil Eva Archie on the move
Father Jack Daniels Hug a Gruffalo and be happy Mind the poo Nanny! Eva feeding the deer at Center Parcs Crazy old bird (Ma Fisher) dances in Florida for daughter Kim who is working nights in England. The power of modern technology! Not bad for 71 years old! A birthday message for Marc from Florida
Archie having a dance Archie & Nanna on the swings Alby learning to smile Eva plays a reindeer at the Nursery Christmas party. Welcome to our world Alby Steven Hayward Archie having fun - Christmas wasn't like this when we were kids!
Archie showing how clever he is Archie with a super Christmas present - good job Mummy has the controls! Happy New Year Eva Alby having a chat with Mummy Eva is a true princess Happy birthday Papa - love you so much
Eva blowing raspberries to make Dexter laugh Alby starts to crawl June 2014 Dexter loves the sound of selotape Dexter having a bounce Let it go Eva Amelie sings Frozen
Dexter finds it hilarious that Nanna is 50 Never too old to have fun on a bouncy castle Amelie super gymnastics .... FAIL!